Flatbed Towing

Superior Flatbed Towing

When you're stuck and need a tow, just call Champion's Towing Recovery! We provide you with quality, prompt, and affordable towing service 24/7!

Excellent Towing Solutions

You can count on our flatbed trucks to provide safe and damage-free transportation for your vehicle every time. The many benefits of flatbed tow trucks in comparison to dolly tow trucks include:
  • Increased level of security
  • The safest way to transport a vehicle
  • Requires no adjustments to the vehicle's powertrain
  • Absorbs no wear and tear
  • All wheels are safely off the ground
  • Ideal for luxury and vintage cars

Offering Competitive Prices

Though the tow dolly method may be cheaper, the potential for damage is much greater. If your vehicle hits a pothole or a crack in the road while on a dolly, you may have more damage than what you originally thought.

When you choose us to tow your vehicle, you can count on us to get the job done right. Contact us today for accident wrecker service or emergency assistance.
Call us now to get your vehicle towed.
You call, we haul! We provide you with 24-hour towing service!
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